I feel smt isn’t right with this blog. first of all appereance. God! is not ME! this 3 colors, don’t represent me. the look is not fresh, not at all original.

the content. yeah… that’s smt i’m working on actually. and it is kind of like me. is trying to have a lil’ one of this, a lil’ one of that. but i can’t make order in between. cause i am not that messy. my brain has small drawers, with specific content in it. yeah. that’s why I have the categories on the left side…

subjects… not enough. they don’t really cover my field of interest.

nothing about fashion. but how can I mix fashion in here? i would make it cool, pics, explanations, ironic comments. glossy, stylish, up to date. and yeah. totally not matching with this fuckin interface…

i’ll keep looking on some changes and I promiss i’ll improve smt.

other fields of interest. advertinsing. takes too much to upload all my fav ads, or even comment on campaigns. I loose enough time reaserching and reading for myself about it. no, i’m not selfish. i’m thinking on putting some interesting sites about csr, mc donalds and coke. they make my “work” pretty interesting. but the time will come ¬†for that also.

so, let’s say this post is a preview for the future of

and, no, i didn’t forget about the USA EXPERIENCE. i’ll post smt ’bout it!

did anyone say they are selling time somewhere? can I have like a lot of it???