nume exotice, cum sa-ti botezi copiii neasteptati: A,B,C?

eh…se mai primesc si massuri interesante pe mess

cum ar fi aceste articol mega genial despre nume pt copii.

daca nu v-o facut curiosi…stiatzi ca exista nume , gen, Merry Christmas sau Have a nice day?…

sau dot, subject Midnight chardonnay…:))

enjoy the article…

e si jose fernando ionescu pe acolo


PRAGA- PRAHA- PRAG- PRAGUE ( and the adventure before seeing the beauty)

the most wonderful city I’ve ever seen.

it got high in my top cities…like it just jumped on the first place, so London and New York’s Manhattan come after it!!!

so much beauty concentrated on every hill top, along any street, in every building, on every wall, in every brick of a wall… so much history kept on that surface, and even if everything is old, is still new, clean, in refreshed colors. It’s perfection – felt in every detail – and there are details everywhere.

It ‘ s like every architect, every building maker had a sense of beauty, and they tried to place everything in a special way, that complete the whole image…

for me it were only 3 and a half wonderful days, a very funny and cute traveling mate, a nice host, hurting feet and eyes washed with beauty – if i am allowed to express like that.

so I am in love with the city. the only thing is that f*(^& complicated language… and the lack of information signs in English. they really should do something for the tourists that don’t know Romanian or Hungarian or don’t have imagination by trying to guess what words can mean…

everything started with an adventure. actually nothing was so rigorously planed even if the thought of going there existed for at least 3 months ago. i got there hitchhiking:)) never thought i will do smt like that all by myself, but “booking” somebody on the internet didn’t seem such a bad idea, and a 2 hours way couldn’t be that bad. i actually found someone from Romania, Cluj more exactly who studies here and was going home thru Prague. Lucky me. We got there he left me where i had to meet my friend , the address said by the gps was the correct one.

but where was I Sunday evening at 8 pm? on a huge street. a big building, no signs. i am looking at the building, hoping it was the state opera, but it was the train station, one of them, the bigger one. ( i can’t say which one:)) hl.n. …smt:))

ok…going to the information – the lady explained me in English that i had to walk not even 5 minutes, and go that way – and she pointed a direction. ok…fine. got out of the building somehow, and got the direction i thought she showed me. Wrong direction!! Darkness, rain, I was under some bridges, i saw only an older alcoholic guy… got spoookier and spookier when i saw on a house that i was in prague 3 not prague 1…

there where not many people on the street. i asked whom i could, everybody pointed directions with their finger but no one really knew where the opera was… my friends roaming wasn’t working, my phone was dying… but still she called me from some public phones, but couldn’t tell where i was, how to reach her…

finally i get on a street that drove me to a huge nice thing, to a place full of tourist, to a big yellow building – that i supposed it was the opera. but it wasn’t. i finally found the huge maps of the city, but the sign of u are here was missing on both of them… fuck fuck fuck!!!

I asked 2 guys. One of them was playing at the opera, so… he knew where it was, but couldn’t explain – but they proposed to drive me with their car there, cause it was easier, and close enough. ok… the proposal scared me… i would usually NEVER say yes… but after 1 hour of running in every direction and not knowing where i was i accepted. he said i should tell everybody that the guys from the Chech republic are nice. so i am saying it officially, cause they drove me to my friend, and i am very thankful to them!

Then, I am thankful to Brano, our host from the program, that by the way u should try it! the program is a very smart thing for traveling with no sleeping expenses, with no money for hotels, motels, or whateva…and u get to know interesting people that might show u the city, might reveal u the places that must be seen – insider secretes, u get to know the culture of it thru a person that is living it…

and the rest is beauty – and history…and thx God it’s kept in more than 800 pictures:)

enjoy – AND VISIT PRAGUE!!!!

view from the charles bridge (high end)

astronomical clock and church...

statue with moving but pissing on chech republic's map

And pictures can’t reveal the hole beauty of it, not even the half of it…and it can’t give u the feeling u get walking on those streets, or hills…
P.S.: important words that must be learned: pivo cerny (or cerna??) – black beer – the best we ever tasted!


o recesiune optimista

am tot amenintzat ca o sa scriu si eu despre recesiune. stiu. e un subiect obositor. ma obosesc articolele, stirile de pe teve, subiectele de discutie… gandurile sumbre asupra viitorului…care par a fi si mai nesigure, si mai umbrite de acest fenomen.

care fenomen? unul supra umflat de media.

vroiam sa public doar partea luminoasa a recesiunii, care exista. dar n-am apucat sa imi scriu zicem ca am asteptat si am facut research, care nu era greu avand in vedere multitudinea de informatii spanzurate de recesiune.

de unde atata optimism? pai, mie mi se trage de la publicitari. am ascultat cateva emisiuni care prezentau aceasta “criza economica” ca fiind foarte buna. de ce? exemple foarte convingatoare. cei slabi pica, cei buni se ridica. se cerne raul adik. oricum piata e prea plina.

ok… am inceput sa sustzin ideea, sa vad ceva bun in asta. pana m-a lovit replica cuiva: ” si cum ii buna daca ambii mei parinti au fost dati afara?”

mda…that kind of shit se intampla…des… foarte des. mai ales la companiile mari, care dupa cum se aude peste tot nu o mai duc asha bine. sa fie pentru ca nu s-au administrat bine? sa fie pentru ca nu sunt chiar atat de puternice?

hmm…e o chestie ciclica din pacate.

si s-a ajuns la asta tot din cauza unui lantz al slabiciunilor.

imprumuturile. niciodata nu am fost fana lor. nu e un lucur ok. daca stii ca nu-tzi potzi permite ceva acum, de ce sa te imprumuti totusi si sa platesti mai mult pentru ceva ce nu itzi potzi permite nici la nivelul actual… nu se vor intampla minuni, nu vei cashtiga la lotto… pur si simplu te obisnuiesi sa te imprumuti, sa iei credite, sa nu te mai chinui sa castigi mai mult pentru a putea sa-tzi permiti mai multe, ci te ve limita sa iti platesti rata, dobanda lunara… sad…

cam asha s-a intamplat la nivel global. nu doar tu, studentul care vroiai un laptop klumea, sau salariatu care vroia un lcd… ci firme, care au imprumutat normal, sume mult mai mari… si s-a ajuns la minunata performanta de a nu mai dispune de acei bani. s-a imprumutat nimicul… care e si mai greu de dat inapoi…

hopefully se rezolva, cu cat mai putzine pagube. a mai fost asha ceva. dar acum, cand media e in floare, normal ca pare totul mai grav, si se creeaza o panica care intotdeauna inrautatzeste situatzia…deci…

macar acum a crescut interesul pentru economie, istorie(1929), grafice, bursa, indexul dow

atentia pentru investitii, achizitzii

cine zice ca precautzia strica? pacat ca trebuie sa fie criza ca sa ne educam sa fim precautzi


in ceea ce tzine de publicitate. sa speram ca  va creste creativitatea, vor scadea mofturile clientiilor, agentiile vor fi mai realista si ideile vor si vinde.

let the optimis increase the wellness.:))

mai ales bancurile in urma crizei au devenit adevarat de comice

cica se marita femeile din dragoste (si cine poate zice ca nu e un gest frumos..?)

si ca lumina de la capatul tunelului a fost stinsa pentru a face economie:))) we won’t die!!


lost letters in a bowl of soup

who the hell invented supermarkets???

and who the hell ever thought I, like a shopacholic that i declare to be, will say this??

i didn’t…since i got clueless in front of …everything…marketwor06

(pe astea de azi nu scria in chineza…da degeaba scrie, ca pt mine chiar ca ar fi simboluri chinezesti…)

n-am mai fost atat de dezorientata …a… d cand am fost in washington…brigi knows that…da asta nici nu se compara. nu trebuia sa gasesc drumu, sa ma prind k am mai trecut peste strazi…ci sa imi dau seama ce-i cu atatea raioane si atatea rafturi si atatea chestii pe rafturi…


si ma refer strict la rafturile cu mancare gata facuta, fie ca e in plic, sau in plastic, sau in conserva. n-am fost nevoita sa le incerc pana la minunata mea varsta astfel incat sa pot deveni experta. thx mummy for existing and cooking a wonderful food everytime…


cu restu ma descurc chiar daca logourile nu-s aceleasi cu care is obisnuita p plaiu mioritic sau p cel american, sau ordinea raioanelor nu e tocmai dupa logica cunoscuta… si ca VARIETATEA e mult mai maaaare…

but i’m the one who loves variety, i love to have where from to choose…

but not food… not “just add water on” – food…

atatea feluri de supe, de sosuri, de …. omg!!! nici makr nu stiu ce ash vrea sa mananc…mi-e foame…dar varietatea nu ma ajuta…vreau ceva cu gust de pui? sa fie legume verzi…? portocalii? sau sa fie un mix d legume? sa fie supa de roshii? da o sa mearga cu chestia aia noua asiatica? cu ratza? sau sa ma limitez la sos? pt carne de porc? sau vita…sau


deci dak cineva se pricepe…sau le-o incercat pe toate (cred ca asta ii singura metoda) i really need help…

sau sa fac si eu asha… just randomlly pick something from the isle and try it?

si apropos de recesiune…un subiect ce va urma… d c sa nu fie buna la a mici nr de produse de pe raion…? 😀

so that it would be easier for me…and u..and all the other clueless hungry people in front of million of  products

si n-ar strica o recesiune si printre E-uri, sa fie mai putzine…mai slabe…:D


something’s wrong

something’s wrong. wrong. wrong. wrong. absolutelly wrong.
si chiar nu vroiam sa-mi incep postarile pe anul asta in modul asta negativist.
but what is so wrong?
descoperirea unui cluj stralucitor de mort si auster sub un soare cu dintzi.
am ajuns, am iesit, oarecum ademenita d razele solare si m-a lovit. o liniste, o goliciune imbatranita si frigul intzepenit.
liniste, pentru ca abia sunt cateva mashini. nu sunt claxoane. semafoarele functioneaza doar sa coloreze imaginea gri a asfaltului uscat
goliciune, din cauza a doar catorva oameni intunecati la privire si imbracaminte, afishand o crispare inghetzata
imbatranita, pentru ca si acei catziva oameni sunt de varsta a 3-a, probabil iesitzi la o mica plimbare de duminica… probabil unici locuitori autentici ai clujului…

mda. am auzit de aceasta fatza moarta a clujului si pe perioada verii. probabil o moarte incinsa. din fericire nu am experimentat-o. dar se pare ca e asha. un orash universitar, dependent de tineretzea studentzeasca, colorat de stresul juvenil, umplut de voioshia tinerilor adunatzi din coltzurile tzarii…

a fost oarecum placut sa am timp sa vad ce mai e in vitrine, cum e impodobit orashul, formele arhitecturale ale cladirilor… numele strazilor. detalii. pe care nu ai cum sa le observi cand esti prins in frenezia vietii orashului universitar.

si a fost oarecum inspaimantator. doar gandul ca orashul meu preferat este doar superficial, dependent de imbracamintea anotimpurilor si conturat de vacantele calendaristice.

mi-a rumenit insa obrajii si mi-a insuflat odata cu valul inghetzat o inspiratzie glaciala. pe care insa o topesc in cuvinte si in sperantze.
sperantza ca maine va fi reinviat din coma tacerii.

let the noise of life take my loved city over…



I feel smt isn’t right with this blog. first of all appereance. God! is not ME! this 3 colors, don’t represent me. the look is not fresh, not at all original.

the content. yeah… that’s smt i’m working on actually. and it is kind of like me. is trying to have a lil’ one of this, a lil’ one of that. but i can’t make order in between. cause i am not that messy. my brain has small drawers, with specific content in it. yeah. that’s why I have the categories on the left side…

subjects… not enough. they don’t really cover my field of interest.

nothing about fashion. but how can I mix fashion in here? i would make it cool, pics, explanations, ironic comments. glossy, stylish, up to date. and yeah. totally not matching with this fuckin interface…

i’ll keep looking on some changes and I promiss i’ll improve smt.

other fields of interest. advertinsing. takes too much to upload all my fav ads, or even comment on campaigns. I loose enough time reaserching and reading for myself about it. no, i’m not selfish. i’m thinking on putting some interesting sites about csr, mc donalds and coke. they make my “work” pretty interesting. but the time will come  for that also.

so, let’s say this post is a preview for the future of

and, no, i didn’t forget about the USA EXPERIENCE. i’ll post smt ’bout it!

did anyone say they are selling time somewhere? can I have like a lot of it???