The 11th man theory reloaded

I can’t help wondering why people search for the 11th man theory.

Why is it the most read post on my blog? I observed that every day at least 5 persons read the post, and search the theory. Then, these days, actually the last weeks, more and more people searched on Google for this and got straight to my blog. It’s my first post that’s on the first google page when u search for the 11th man theory.

So, I thought I should continue it. After all it’s the post that helped me most reaching the 10000 clicks. 😀 Not before I underline that people are too much into theory. In a world overflown with opinions, where everybody tries to be an opinion leader it’s hard and it gets even harder to believe someone. (I guess that will be in another post).

People search for real, provable truths or facts based on researches maybe. If u can give numbers u are listened to.

Let’s rewind the 11th man theory.

The theory doesn’t even have to have 11 men. It’s enough to have a woman and a man.  And they should be put in the same place. Cause these days, if u don’t work together or don’t have related activities with someone, it’s pretty difficult to find that someone.

So, destiny puts u in the same box. Now we have more cases.

  1. Let’s say u don’t like each other. But in time u might find some similarities, u might find u get along well. Attraction might happen. It would be beautiful if it happens to both of u at the same time, but most of the time, life is not that easy and only one of u falls into the other one. That’s when hell begins. That’s when the theory is applied. It doesn’t really matter if it’s the woman or the man. In love’s game we are unisex. (at least most of the time)

1.1   The guy starts liking more and more the girl (or reverse). It’s almost impossible that the other one doesn’t observe it and feels powerful to not even care about the other one. To make the other one suffer – that’s done almost unconsciously – it’s the power of power.  Games are played, to attract even more the other one, to get more favors, to be mean … 

or… when noticed that the other one falls into you, you might not feel confy with the idea and get scared about hurting his/her feelings. This happens regularly when knowing that u really don’t like the other one and there are not one in a million possibilities to like him/her ever. This might end well if you talk about it and explain your feelings, or the “no-feelings”. If not, the guy or girl who fell in love will always feel like the 10 in the 11th man theory. Or like all the ones that like the girl/boy and she/he doesn’t care. So, I guess the 11th man theory is actually a universal truth, cause you can’t always have what you want, you can’t always be loved by the one that you love.

  1. Second situation

Is when the two people put in the same box fall into each other. Timing is then the most stupid thing ever and it goes back to this game in this post over here

This game should be played only as long as it can be played. But how should we know when to stop? People don’t really know when to stop in different situations: they eat too much and get fat, they drink too much… they get high to often… u know where all this go to…

And they play too much with the other ones feelings. Everyone tries to be above the other one. How should I admit I like him/her? What’s if he/her doesn’t like me?? I don’t want to get hurt. Cause u never know if u are in the first situation or u’re just lucky and are liked by the other one. Communication is the one that should help u in this case also…  And u can’t loose anything if u tell the truth. Ok u’re pride is suffering… so what?!

Is not a material thing and you can get, u SHOULD get over it fast.

Someone just complained to me, that the 11th man theory is true and what can u do not to be between the 10 and be the special 11th? And that being a jerk is actually not THE solution when even the jerk is the most romantic one.

And where the hell is the line between being a jerk and being a normal guy?

Actually it’s up to u, up to her and up to the… Universe! If u’re lucky and know where to stop, u find yourself in the second situation. If not move on from the first one and try with another person.

There’s another thing – another universal truth. And I guess I wrote somewhere about that also.

It doesn’t even matter about the person from the present. It’s about all the other persons back from your past. Cause, us human beings can’t let go our pasts…

It happened to all of us to be the 11th man, or one from the 10th… And we tend to be one time the 11th, and in the next relationship to one from the 10th.

Or easier said: if we were heart in our last relationship we tend to hurt the next person in our life or to be more careful with our feelings.

If we were happy until now, we tend to see all things in pink and maybe not be careful at all and get hurt, or be lucky again.

It’s all about our past experiences. We build our day to day life experiences based on what we know, what we experienced or what we’re familiar to.

The answers for all our problems are actually IN us. We just have to take some time and reflect about ourselves.

Then, we have to take time and try to understand the other one and understand their past.

Or just risk it? Life is a rollercoaster anyways. It would be maybe too boring and to planned if we would be careful with any signs.

So… just enjoy life!


what do u think about this theory? what’s your own experience?


Was this love?

o postez pt ca a ajuns si la mine pe repeat.

I actually smile when I listen to the music, and the smile gets even wider when I hear the lyrics…


Gavin Castelton – coffeelocks

she walked into the shop
and the windows broke,
the coffee crashing down
as this angel spoke.

I might’ve survived if it weren’t for her eyes
that were eating mine up
she wanted a job so I brought her the forms
with my eyes held shut.

Was this love?
I wondered cause I’d never been
so absolutely jello-ed by a girl.

Was this love?
What other reason could there be
when such a little thing could break a world?

Was this love?
I knew that if she didn’t get this job
then I would never know

Was this love?
so I told the boss that I would train her thoroughly from head to toe.

On that day
in my heart
a castle rose
a mansion fell apart

Love with us was such a waking up
warm and foggy as a coffee mug
a burning thing
full of steam
learning us

[I walked into the shop
expecting nothing but no’s
rubbed my bleary eyes
last night still on my clothes

Then I stopped in the door ‘cause I’d seen him before
my tongue suddenly thick
but I needed a job so he brought me the forms
like a conjuring trick.

Was this love?
This deja vu was turned into a pinball
ringing in my tilted head.

Was this love?
I couldn’t understand how he had jumped offstage and landed here instead,

Was this love?
so I case the place for inspiration on the walls
and then my coffee cup

Was this love?
as I tried to think of clever things to say
to make him look back up.

On that day
in my head
movies played
of things he said,
constantly rewinding,
nothing there to remind me
that I don’t believe in love]

Love with us was such a waking up
warm and foggy as a coffee mug
strong at first
best served fresh
at it’s worst

vday or bday

every year the same story. this more and more popular celebration of love is developing in both ways, becoming

vday – valentines day for the ones that do have a valentine

or bday – ballentines day for the ones that don’t have a valentine, just a bottle of ballentine’s or any kind of alcohol in which they can drain their pain.   cupidon31

with people blaming and killing poor Cupid

or bringing Cupid to life


it’s hillarious how many antifans are being developed because of this tradition.

there are many explanations why Valentine’s is more hated than loved: first of all, even the pairs are starting to hate it, especially boys who really have to remeber that it’s a “saint day for their boo” and they have to pick up the perfect little present that should represent their love. pretty difficult when we now how difficult girls can be … especially the ones that do have a boyfriend and tend to be a monster in the relationship – lucky girls with lame partners… (sowwy… but this shit is happening…) and they have to act like it was the only day when they can show their love. it’s stupid. love can be shown everyday, not with presents, only with gestures.

then, there are other relationships, the “fresh” ones, when none of the people envoled really care about their partners and pick the perfect moment sometimes before valentines so that they can skip the “spending money on useless presents”…

plus there are the single girls and boys that use vday more like bday.


-stress and depression and lots of icecream for the unhappy, single girls

-lot of booze and hope for the single guys who act like jerks in clubs trying to get a valentine in their bad on that particular night, so that they won’t sleep alone on such a stupid night…and where’s the love part? lost between the sheets… right…:))

the other type of girls, the real depressed ones that try to show that they don’t care are although celebrating the day, but as antivalentine’s day… here’s an example: called love sucks

common. love doesn’t suck. if u are lucky enough to find it you should find many ways and days (not only 14th of february) to cherrish it.


how come i am in such a pacifistic mood even if i am single…? maybe cause i realize that the day of 14th february is just an ordinary day… with many red hearts hanging everywhere and many sweets in the stores… and see it as a perfect marketing strategy, economical fullfilling … yeah, i guess the economy can be called the most loved on this day like on any other days we celebrate smt and which inclueds shopping…

or i might not realize that i am liking someone…who doesn’t realize eighter?


a question of time…and no pression cause vday is over:))