Cafeaua diferentzelor

Cafeaua are mereu alt gust si poate si alt scop. E o noua vara si asta se resimte si in gustul cafelei si in momentul zilei cand e sorbita si in locul unde se serveste.

Vara lui 2007

Cafeaua pretzioasa si regulata

Locatie: Naples, Florida

Scop: bine definit – sa ne incepem bine ziua, s-avem curaj sa ne infruntam treburile si sa pierdem o ora

Momentul consumului: in fiecare dimineatza, foarte devreme – 6-7 dimineatza

Ne incepeam lucrul la ora 8 – adik la fix trebuia sa dam punch in… doar ca stateam destul de departe si depindeam de dragii nostrii cu mashina, asa ca se intampla sa ajungem mult mai devreme pentru ca la unii lucrul incepea la 7. Si ce putea fi mai placut decat sa te duci direct in bucataria restaurantului, sa umpli cana de cafea – Illy (but not much a fan of it…), sa pui zahar brun si lapte muuult si pe langa cele mai bune chocolate muffins sau melcishori cu vanilie si scortzishoara…yammm

CIMG4322Dupa ce puneam stapanire pe aceste pretzioase comori si dadeam buna dimineatza la toata lumea ne retrageam pentru a pierde ora in plus pe barul de pe plaja…

Sorbitura cu sorbitura… si soarele se ridica, si valurile sclipeau, nisipul era alb si fin…
Uneori mai erau si delfini care intregeau peisajul de basm…

As zice ca era un mod destul de placut de a ne incepe ziua si de a ne sorbi cafeaua…




Vara lui 2008

Cafeaua haotica, destul de rara si de toate felurile

Locatie: Atlantic City si Ventnor New Jersey

Scopul si momentul zilei: depinde de job, de zi, de chef… dar in principiu pentru a ma tine treaza

Hmm… Prefer s-o amintesc pe aia de la Seven Eleven pe care apucam s-o cumpar si s-o savurez destul de rar… insa era un cocktail al placerilor: nu prea era cafea, ci lapte cu toate gusturile posibile, nu pe rand ci de o data! siropuri…zahar de toate felurile. Yammy! mi-e chiar dor de un middle size cup coffee @ seven eleven

Mai era cafeaua preparata de mine cand nu eram in intarziere: ness si ceva lapte aromatizat: coffee-mate (care nu intzleg d c nu vine si la noi???)coffemate

Mai era cafeaua de la hotel bauta in cantitati industriale insa fara  a-si face efectul, de a ma tine treaza o noapte intreaga. Sa zicem ca o beam pt ca era calda si pt ca era un lichid negru, dulce si cu lapte… nu i-as zice cafea, nu avea gust bun pt a o numi astfel si incet incet a fost inlocuita cu ceaiul negru, caruia i-am descoperit proprietatiile tocmai din disperare caci cafeaua nu avea efectul scontat.

Nu mi-e dor de zilele haotice, mai bine zis de noptiile de munca… cafeaua nu era un tabiet si un rau necesar care nici nu isi facea treaba
Vara lui 2009

Cafeaua regala si inegalabila

Locatie: Deva – acasa, Cluj

Scop: cel mai  bun scop pe care  il poate avea o cafea: sa-tzi faca ziua mai buna
Momentul consumului: acum… zilele ce au trecut si zilele ce vor urma

Cea mai buna e tot cea pe care tocmai am terminat-o. Cafeaua mamei pe care de cele mai multe ori o primesc la pat si o adulmec inainte de a-mi deschide ochii.

Si pe langa gustul inconfundabil mai are un ingredient special – aroma vacantzei. Nu e legata neaparat d o ora, pentru ca nici eu nu trebuie sa am un program bien stabilit in fiecare zi…cel putzin nu acasa.

E minunat ca acasa sa fie mereu egal cu vacantza…
Locatia: variaza – Cluj sau Deva


do U wanna study in the states?!?

vrei si tu, nu? click pt mai multe detalii… ca si cand dunga asta albastra nu tzi-ar da de gandit:P

hmmm, nici nu suna rau.

hai sa fim seriosi cui nu i-a trecut prin minte sa studieze prin state? sa stea in campusurile alea minunate, sa faca parte din ceva casa cu nume grecesti… kappa, gamma, delta nu… era de la blonda d la drept parca:))

si da, dupa 2 veri de work and travel nu m-am saturat de state… vreau mai mult

si nici practica din Germania nu mi-o ajuns:P

de fapt nu stiu daca sa vreau sau nu si culmea am primit un mail care cica ma elucideaza

promit ca o sa ma duc sa aflu cat mai multe detalii de la caravana si who know? we’ll study in the states!!!

The Art of Travel

Or I made it?
Which one should be the headline? Which one would be the lesson, or the sentence that u want to shout?
The art of travelling, a movie that actually surprised me, every 20 minutes… or kind of 3 times in one hour and 40 minutes.
3 times cause there are 3 moments. First when I read about it found it kind of boring, a guy that instead of going on his honeymoon, plans a honeymoon on his own.
Not really nice places that he gets to see, I wasn’t there (not that I saw every point on the map,… din contra), didn’t recognize any of the landscapes… then, faith offers him a journey in the jungle – used to be my favourite adventure during many summers, reading Jules Verne, but now, globalisation, or becoming a slave of technology, being the modern child of the 20th century, I can’t find that so amazing anymore.
Although, it captured it nicely, almost like Verne used to do it. But the main characters weren’t children, only one of them – the main character, not even 20 years old… he was the one that took the best out of it, learned lot’s of lessons thaught by the wiser ones, by people who really can have fun and be bitten by many mosquitos (more on one hand then on the other one). People who did it. They broke a record, they made their way through an unknown jungle.
And he made it also. Forgot his love, his pain, and won another one, older, wiser, “The G Spot”, or more like her, Anna.
The end of one journey, is the beginning of a new one. A wise quotation, that fits him.
Not on his own now, but with his beloved woman from Prague, they get to visit paradise and still make foots on earth. Another amazing landscapes for our eyes.
Machu Pichu, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Chile… for some of us, who enjoy the capitals of shopping malls and 5 stars hotels, don’t really seem like nice destinations.

But watch it, you’ll remain thrilled, and feel even his amazement with every step he takes on another onknown or undiscovered beauty of the planet.

And there are a lot more to be seen, maybe in another movie, or by reading his book, or some other travellers guieds. There is always something to learn, and when u don’t know where to start something or if to leave something, just make a trip, travel, get out of your world, cause it can make wonders…

“Do not go where the path might lead,
go instead where there is no path,
and leave a trail.”
Ralph Eldo Emerson

If this helps more, or if I haven’t made u curious, click

The Art of Travel


I feel smt isn’t right with this blog. first of all appereance. God! is not ME! this 3 colors, don’t represent me. the look is not fresh, not at all original.

the content. yeah… that’s smt i’m working on actually. and it is kind of like me. is trying to have a lil’ one of this, a lil’ one of that. but i can’t make order in between. cause i am not that messy. my brain has small drawers, with specific content in it. yeah. that’s why I have the categories on the left side…

subjects… not enough. they don’t really cover my field of interest.

nothing about fashion. but how can I mix fashion in here? i would make it cool, pics, explanations, ironic comments. glossy, stylish, up to date. and yeah. totally not matching with this fuckin interface…

i’ll keep looking on some changes and I promiss i’ll improve smt.

other fields of interest. advertinsing. takes too much to upload all my fav ads, or even comment on campaigns. I loose enough time reaserching and reading for myself about it. no, i’m not selfish. i’m thinking on putting some interesting sites about csr, mc donalds and coke. they make my “work” pretty interesting. but the time will come  for that also.

so, let’s say this post is a preview for the future of

and, no, i didn’t forget about the USA EXPERIENCE. i’ll post smt ’bout it!

did anyone say they are selling time somewhere? can I have like a lot of it???