feelin’ clumsy

320px-smirc-lovesvgit’s just that stupid and sweet feeling that makes u think twice before u act, that makes your hands shake, or even your knees go weaker…

u wanna act, wanna do something nice, cause u know it would be appreciated, and WANTED, but u can’t.

u enjoy the moment:) nice feelings overwhelming you, isn’t that enough? no, no, do smt or he’s gone.

it’s nice when it ends with a complice shy smile from eachother

and the door is closed.

but atfer that your mind starts reacting, oh my god, i would have kissed him, why haven’t I done or said anything smart?

yep, dramaqueen on the stage! applause

she’s just scared she let down the expectations, but what if she had her own ones?

ps: there’s always  NEXT TIME! 😉

When they say NO, you say NEXT!


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