deep in the Blogosphere

a new blog:  S0cialbutt3rfly

probably the 4th million and something blog…yeah..another one…

why a blog? a huge question…

  • cause almost everybody has one,
  • cause u have to have one to exist on the web, now a profile page like myspace or facebook, isn’t enough. no. this gives you space to write your thoughts, to put a huge number of letters on a virtual space.
  • to open your soul and mind in front of million other readers. yeah right, if anyone really has time to read all the bullshit that crosses your mind.

it’s actually interesting how everybody is screaming about their lack of time, of so much to do…like what? keep a blog updated and keep an eye on other bloggers?

probably that’s what makes us so busy, doing nottin’ on the internet… just surfing, not only looking at profiles and checkin’ others photos, now getting deeper in their life by reading what they are thinking…

are we really reading what others are thinking? it depends what’s the point of everyones blog…maybe it;s just another created virtual figure, maybe it’s the other personality, or one of the other personalities that everyone has…

see… i just started writing, and my fingers started dancing on the keybord. yeah cause i really like to write…and probably i jump from one thing to another, only if they fit in the same image… but sometimes, talking about some things just pulls you to open a new subject about the other thing that must be explained..and so on…probably i will fill a lot of space with lines and lines…

and why am i opening a new blog? cause i was thinkin that i should write a book about my American experiences, or my “very interesting” life, but costs were huge to do that, so why not go virtual…

and yeah..cause my school, my teacher asks us for it

so i’ll be graded after this… haha:) beautiful school i have, don’t i? you have to do only things that i like

And there will be only things that I like on this blog. And i certainly like a lot of things that actually can very well work together: social media, new media, marketing, advertising (same familly:))) but releated to what besides theory and it’s evolution? events, musical events -(underground electronic music of course), fashion (hopefully I’ll have time to attack this precious subject, not only reading but writing about it).

plus analysis – human relations can be such a juicy  subject, books are so brilliant to talk about

U’ll find here, the things that make me who I am.

and why am i writing in English? no, I’m not a snob that just got back and forgot her mother language. but i do have friends that don;t understand Romanian!




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