around the WORLD

why do I need a section for this?

Cause I am always travelling, always somewhere around.

And I know, and everybody who knows me also knows that I can’t stay for long in one place. Why? Not that I am not a stable person, but I am very curious and I need action – I need to see how others live. I need to try to live in other ways. I need to test things on my own. I love to discover other people and their culture.

I guess once u start travelling  you can’t stop it. Once you discover something you are aware that there is much more to be discovered.

I need to underline something – I am not an ordinary turist (that’s why I avoided to use the word), i hate guides and planned circuits – I am  a traveller – I am a world citizen.

I can’t wait to see where will my plans bring me, where will my curiosity drive me… and blogging about it I guess it will answer your questions about how it was and what did u do there.

I actually started this blog for keeping in touch with the people about what I was doing for 2 summers in the States. And while being home for this summer I hoped it will be the perfect occasion to tell you some stories about the adventures from the States… I hope I will get to it!


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