Routine makes the difference

even when everything is different, after a while u get used to it.

going to bed, setting my alarm clock… actually pushing ok,  cause the wake up time is always the same

waking up, always before the clock screams… because the cleaning guy is “screaming”, playing with garbage bags… actually doing his work, but in front of my door. i hate u dude! ok?

the same lazyness, and not wanting to get out of bed…but it’s time, the alarm clock  started.  same amount of time needed to get dressed…put a face on, maybe a smile. get out… meeting the same nice guy on my half way to the tram, or meeting him in the station, as if he waits for me every morning. now we’re even smiling at eachother…after meeting yesterday twice, going home also with the same tram…

the tram comes, always at the same time: 8:22 … last door opens, another smile. same chinise girl every morning.  she only sits on different seats, but she’s there.  next station. the bag in dots is entering the tram. same girl. same guy with the jacket.

there’s always somebody else running to catch the tram in the next station.

central station. green haired girl with boyfriend and a red-checkerboard bag on her shoulder waiting.  the other girl with the black and white shoes. we’re getting in the next tram… that opens it doors in front of the faculty, a few steps, pushing a huge door, pushing the next glass door. walking up the stairs. going into the bathroom. fixing my bangs…

other steps… the floor creaks under each step…

pushing the stop button on the mp3 player, opening the door. good morning x 4 times. pushing the button. take the jacket off. log in…

another day started… , and will start again after fixin the alarm clock…

differences become similarities. strange becomes familiar. unknown faces just become known. some of them start looking familiar with the ones from home that u start missing… unusual becomes usual.

life becomes routine…  wherever u are … only the big picture is different


One Response to “Routine makes the difference”

  1. s0cialbutt3rfly Says:

    ANDRA Says:

    March 13, 2009 at 4:51 pm e

    welcome to germany

    esti un robotel printre multi

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