responsibility and screwing things up

Yes, you are the only person responsible for what you do.42-18218289 But other peoples actions might influence u as well. Or maybe the fact that they don’t act, push u doing things that u might just not want, but see a solution in them.
Once u want that solution u do things that u are responsible of… sometimes u might screw it up.
The interesting fact is that u screw it up in front of people that u care about. Cause they are the ones that make u act. They are the ones that make u wanna try to do it better, and in this maze – journey of trying to do things better, because of too much strugling u might just fail. And hit others and yourself also during the failure…
Or you can look at the bright side of things. Take the responsibility of your acts, try to understand the ones near you and make them understand too why you were acting like u did.
And from the bright side view there is always hope too.
Acting and taking responsibilty might just be a new start

Sometimes it takes what’s broken becoming whole again. ..


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