From the paradoxical Chapters: Magical ways

Ain’t I just a “lucky” person? Or are this signs to stop traveling so much? Only by reading this blog usually, u can always find stories about troubles while traveling or adventures during traveling, and it seems that it just doesn’t matter on what continent, in which country I am or what kind of method of transport I use or the persons I am traveling with.

DB- deutsche Bahn – the german company for train transportation. I underline german! So it should a incarca cuvantul cu semnificatie also mean – punctuality, planning, PERFECTION. U couldn’t think of any unannounced time delays or troubles while connecting… but u can’t really think of everything, and nor are Germans that perfect. I choose to travel during night with the city night express (actually it’s smt european..not really only german…or smt…) train cause I had to catch my flight to Cluj at 8:20.


So there was this train that was supposed to get in Dortmund at 4:50, giving me time to be in time in the airport and making me angry for having to wait so much. Or I thought so… at 2 o’clock in the morning I started getting stressed and angry because of the thought of not getting in time at the airport or even missing my flight. Not even at the half of the way, in Berlin we made a little stop…of almost 2 hours while waiting for some train connection that had to be “attached”. Same thing happened in Hannover…for maybe half an hour Adding the hours..i could have missed my flight easily…but thanx God the train went fast enough, and instead of 4:50 as planned I got at the destination at 6:15, caught the airport shuttle from 6:30 and I got on the plain…then in cluj… And after getting out of the airport… I asked myself “can I go back?”


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