Lessons for life

it is interesting, nice and good that we learn out of mistakes.(the ones that do learn). the black side of this is that, we don’t really learn out of our own mistakes… it is a fact that we always see the problems that the others have, or we are just too busy finding things that we don’t like in others garden…

but as i said, it is good if u learn out of’em… it is better if u can corelate that to yourself, and improve in a way some of the defficites…

and when u learn all the lessons, and even pass the recapitulations (?)

and u can give examples… but, you’re still not in your best mood, not perfect yet. smt is still missing. what are u doing then?

i guess it’s always good learning to know new people that can actually help u with their wisdom. but a strange feeling covers u when u see that they are as human as u are, make bigger mistakes than u do… so where from is the help coming…?


you’re on your fuckin’ own, like more then 90 percent of the roadtrip thru life…


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