isn’t that sweet snowy…? BUT IT’S WROOONG!!!

some might say it’s sweet… but me…?i say it’s the worst thing God invented, or who ever invented it. what? the white NIGHTMARE!


i woke up this morning from my nice and warm dream to step, i mean really  step into a white nightmare. a white sea… not only a sea… the whole scenary is white. the sky is melting into the ground, or the ground is rising into the sky… u get the picture..everything white, frozen.

and i had to wake up and even get out of the house, so that i can really leave deep footsteps behind…and get white, wet snowflakes into my hair and to get slapped by them in my face

in the 20 years i’ve been alive, i haven’t seen soooo much snow in an entire winter, not to mention in a month… i arrived here and left deep footsteps since i got out of the train.

then i waited for it to melt, to go away and leave behind…what? cold, numb weather where thick clouds keep the dwarfed sun from getting through, from shining even for a bit to make me smile for a second

am i asking for that much???

probably yes, since it snowed again, and again today…and it will snow again… the entire germany was expecting snow, and where i am, it’s even common to have so much snow “it’s not that much as it used to be in the past years…” and it might last until april…

wonderful. with every step i took to the bus station the wind was blowing so hard, and was blowing into me the same fury and making me want to cry and leave in a place where there is no such weather

and i found that place, and i will go there , if not for my entire life, at least next winter it will be no more winter for me, just a lovely, warm and nice florida winter that can be easily mistaken with an early summer… i’m already dreaming about it and trying to ignore the horrible spectacle from outside the windows….

i am snowed- angry, sad, furious!!!!!!

and yes, i will post everytime it will snow again, and mess my entire mood, my entire way of being!


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