Death does not have a set appointment in your agenda

“Moartea este singura intalnire pe care nu o ai notata in agenda”

mare adevar.

i don’t think anybody had tought about setting an appointment with his own death.

unless we are talking about people with some mental disorders. like borderline… suicidal thoughts.

but not even they have thought “on the 12th of some random month (i don’t wanna say anything cause if it will happen smt on that date i will become supersticious. or am i already?) i will take so many pills that Death will come and carry me on the other world.

i guess the author was thinking of the fact that we are trying to plan everything in our life. that we have stuffed agendas, or notes on calendars, or stupid post it’s with stupid messages – like, don’t forget to water the plant.

that’s how we try not to forget the most important things in our life. like birthdays, or meetings or or or

i think that’s how we actually train our brain to get lost. to loose information. to loose the ability to stuck information. cause we belive so much in what we note all over, that we will be that confident that we don;t forget something that we will for sure. we won’t ask ourselves what else to do, cause we will be sure that we already checked out to do list.

even if we will have the weird feeling that today is a familiar date, or that i am sure i forgot to do smt we won;t care

i swear it happened to me.

i am to confident in my laptop. in the status of other people, in my phone…in everything else but my memory.

and i fuckin forget…

i guees we are too stressed. or too into this world to even feel what really happens, that we might forget to die… maybe die in a metaphorical way. rest maybe

here i come to another nice thing from the same author.

“only when we are bored we are really ourselves.”

so how do u try not to forget things?


5 Responses to “Death does not have a set appointment in your agenda”

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