An Island only for Friends

An island only for friends…
Where distance can be defied…
Doesn’t this plan sound just perfect? Utopic actually…?
It crossed my mind while I realized how bad it is when you have friends so far away…like an ocean away…
It would be nice if you could, during life, to get to know people and keep them close to you, collect them and move on your special island 
Kind of selfish ha? Cause u can say that some people are friends with other ones that you don’t like and don’t keep on your island… this would be a problem… so there u have your virtual owned islands – myspace, facebook, hi5
Maybe this was the main idea when they built this networks – I am actually a fan of this and I really think this is the best way of keeping the persons that u like or love a click close to you
And there are the instant messengers also – GREAT INVENTION!
But unfortunately it’s virtual… not only in your head ( so be thankful u’re sane)
You keep saying you miss them…keep receiving messages from them with the same… I miss you
There are the nice memories that you have together, that maybe will last..or will fade away with the time
And there are pictures – thanx God ( or technology) there are cameras that can freeze moments and place them in eternity how poetic
So here are some pics with you people that I really really miss…


One Response to “An Island only for Friends”

  1. s0cialbutt3rfly Says:

    One Response to “an island only for friends”
    Sylvia Says:

    October 24, 2008 at 11:51 am e

    Awwwww sweety, miss u 2, very much!!!
    Thank god there is messenger ^_^
    Hugz and kissez from London!

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