the 11th man theory

Don’t u know that theory???
Ok… I didn’t know eighter. Actually I did know a form of it. It sais that there are 10 men and a woman in a room. And every one of the men tries to compliment the woman, to make her feel beautifull and wanted. And it will come the 11th man … who won’t even bother to look at her, just say a quick hello. Guess who’s the most wanted out of the 11 men…? Tadam!!…
you’ll find out and find out more about the whole story where I moved the blog


and more about the theory here


2 Responses to “the 11th man theory”

  1. Schysophrenia Says:

    :d cute…i diiiiid:))

  2. Steve @ Blu Electronic Cigarettes Says:

    Are you a writer? Do you allow guest posts? Nicely done, Steven.

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