How updated to coolness are U?

For those who know me)

it’s easy to understand the next pictures and comments. I love cool, strange, trendy, original, creative, out of the “turma”, emo, glam, punk, goth, harajuku, accesoriesed looks. hmmm… a little bit too much, right? how should i agree with only one term, when there are so many styles, and parts of styles that i like?

and for sure combine.

I don’t know if u know this scene queens, or if you know what the term means. I heard about them this days, from my pretty up to date soulmate girlie:) she spanked me by telling me she knows them for quite a while. ok. i researched, cause they caught my attention. and yeah. There are a lot of blogs with many pics of them. I’ll put some explanations too, make it interactive, and u’ll learn smt new too:)

Updating is now beginning


sceen queen – (too many deffinitions, but u’ll have a clue after reading some of it + the site is great when interested in new COOL urban stuff )

and now the EXAMPLES of such incredibly sweet, trendy, cool amazing queens ( i like them, wtf???:P)

Audrey Kitching

(my fav because of her pink hair maybe?


i do like her friend more, her face is prettyer, but no pink hair… you both rule!!!)


Audrey kitchingAudrey

www.skelanimals.com  audrey_and_a_skateboard1

She has her own site, a buzz site, with all kind of hot cool stuff, not really a fan of buzzez but u can check it out . And what else is cool about her? her car:) audrey_buzznet

Hanna Beth –

seems to be a good friend with Audrey:) audreykitching2-1 so they look alike (miss ya sylvia!!! we could be a nice pair of “cluj scene queens” like this 2 girls, we used to try at the parties:)


438408725_cf6ba6d485and of course they have their kings.

Buzz says smt about Panic… Panic at the disco. yep the cute emos. audrey should have dated, or is still dating Brandon Urie – if u’re curiouse about the buzz, just research it…i don;t really care who’s dating who. allthough, i love such “matching” pairs…


For more infos, just google this names. and check images, cause there are so manny… i can’t upload all of them…

audreykitching27 i really love this one. i wonder why… BLACK AND WHITE!!! checkerboard. plus pink hair.

yummy… so let’s rewind. what makes this girlies so espacially cool? at least in my eyes(, and some of you too:P)



you don’t have to have your own skelanimals brand, smiley girlie skulls, Smileyfaces, Hello Kitty of course + Betty BOOp, starz, hearts… common, u get the ideea

some fancy- funny, big eyeglasses are more than welcomed, in the club also:)) party lights might be disturbing…

heart-sunglasses patterns!! not only my obsession. checkerboards, starz, many little hearts, polka dots, animal prints… and so on. it depends on your imagination. and yes, you’re aloud to combinde them also.

am i forgetting smt? you already have the pictures, and your imagination. and if u have the courage, there are many nuances of pink that could look nice on your hair also. i went with purple again 🙂

happy google-ing and hopefully u’re ready to update to this kind of coolness.

i guess this is  a field where u can really copy fashion styles, u’ll never be the same anyway. and if u have more ideeas than what u see around u, make them happen!!! we’re young. life is already fuckin boring and sad, angry, stressed, why not add some color to it?


hints for google researches: Betsy johnson (designer)

Jac Vanek, jeffree Star, harajuku style, girls…


3 Responses to “How updated to coolness are U?”

  1. Sylvia Says:

    Good, good darling, I can see u did some serious research 😛
    I love this post, so colourful and happy ^_^
    I actually wanted to blog about something similar, check for updates soon 😀

    Lots of kissez and hugz ❤

  2. schysophrenia Says:

    ai uitat sa zici scene, horror, plastic, macabre, cyber, synthetic, etc….:))

  3. Schysophrenia Says:

    plm de ce nu merge sa iti las un comm d`ala lung?:))

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